Adidas Tubular Nova

Shoe cad by Fatih Tokgöz and Ersin

A scene from a school project. Find a cad, clean it up, put material on it and animate it..

Shoes made by two dudes, Fatih Tokgöz and Ersin. and

1. Download Cad from grabcad.
2. Fix it and catagorize the shoe parts in Fusion360.
3, Then import it in Moi and fix the size and amount of polygons.
4. Import it later in Blender and UVmap.
5. Import the UVmapped shoe-file and texture it in Substance.
6. Import the UVmapped shoe into 3Dsmax; texture it with your UDIM textures from Substance and animate the shoe.
7. "Postproduction" in After Effects, but mostly just putting the rendered jpgs into a sequence which results in an animation of a rotating shoe.